Authentic Imported French Porcelain

Limoges Boxes PorcelainFine Limoges Porcelain Boxes from France

Craftsmanship. Beauty. Timelessness. The soft, undulating lines of a French Limoges porcelain boxes and figurine capture the imagination. Porcelain dates back over 4,000 years, and owes its name to an Italian word for a cowrie shell, porcellana, because of its translucence. But while translucent, porcelain also is known for being strong yet delicate, much like love.

In fact, porcelain keepsake boxes are inextricably linked with romance, as they often contain the mementos of lovers – a lock of hair, a sensuous letter, irreplaceable jewelry and other small sentimental objects. While others see the beauty of the outside of the porcelain box or figurine, you know that the interior holds something special and personal.

The tradition of fine porcelain evolved from first being used as cookware to being transformed into objets d’art. Making porcelain was a secret process for hundreds of years, as porcelain often was only used by imperial families. Vases, bowls, and plates often created for royalty were given as presents from the rich and powerful to important subjects, diplomats, and captains of industry.

Eventually, people all over the world sought out porcelain for its characteristics of being functional yet fantastical. Beginning in the 1700s, palaces in Europe began exhibiting several varieties of porcelain. The Empress Josephine of France was enthralled by the opulent splendor of porcelain, and was known as a patroness of the arts for commissioning skilled specialists to create exquisite trinket boxes, overlaid with finely-forged metal ornamental clasps and trim. With the Empress’ blessing, the French took fine porcelain to a new level, and artisan communities sprang up in regions rich with the materials to satiate the public’s craving for extravagant yet practical porcelain tchotchkes and curios.

Porcelain is enduring and endearing – many pieces have been handed from generation to generation. The trinket box that the family matriarch kept by her bedside now occupies a significant position in the parlor to remind the beholder of a time spent seated near her as she revealed the contents with a smile.

Limoges Boutique’s porcelain acquisitions are meant to be gifted to those closest to you, those who are significant in your life. A gift of a porcelain box or figurine transcends simply offering a person a present; a porcelain hinged box or figurine is an everlasting reminder of an occasion or a family member or friend. A beau nervously waiting for the precise moment to pop the question to his paramour, hoping that the porcelain keepsake box he hides in his pocket will please her, and the ring inside will shock and surprise her as she shrieks and clasps him to her bosom with affirmations of her unconditional love. A baby’s first tooth or curl tucked into a porcelain box for its mother to cherish. For the person who seems to have it all – an annual birthday gift that renders him or her speechless at the creativity and thought that went into finding the perfect porcelain box or figurine.

Each piece from Limoges Boutique is genuine and authentic, complete with the markings of the French artist on its underside. These hinged porcelain boxes and figurines cannot be picked up at just any store – they can only be acquired from the experts commanding the largest inventory and the greatest variety of hinged porcelain boxes and figurines available in the world – from Limoges Boutique.