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One of our Limoges Boxes for saleLimoges porcelain boxes from France are symbol of love and are great ideas for birthday and holiday gifts. An Engagement Ring Box or wedding bridal or anniversary gift. Limoges boxes were originally used as snuff boxes, Tobacco boxes, pill boxes, and to send love messages between lovers. Limoges Boutique Porcelain boxes are entirely made and decorated by hand in the Heart of the City of Limoges, France. Our extensive selection of Limoges boxes includes many  original exclusive styles of Limoges boxes found only in this website. 

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LimogesBoutique.com is your most reputable source to find Authentic French Hand-Painted Limoges Boxes  imported from Limoges France. We are the largest  importer of these highly sought after authentic French Limoges porcelain boxes. We offer a Limoges Box in every style and for every occasion as Limoges Boxes are the perfect gift to give for all of your gift giving occasions. All of our Limoges boxes come carefully wrapped in an velvet box and will contain a certificate of authenticity. We will ship your Limoges Box the same day as purchased.

Authentic French Porcelain Limoges

French Limoges Box Authenticity is Guaranteed

Limoges Boutique offers the most extensive selection of highest quality authentic fine porcelain de limoges boxes imported from the Limousine region in France. Every Limoges Box is signed peint main and are all hand-painted Limoges figurine boxes.

Limoges Boutique is also the official representative of both Artoria and Rochard. All of our genuine French Limoges porcelain box figurines are hand-mounted and hand-painted/decorated in the Limoges France region by French mastered artists. Limoges Boutique is the number one choice for collectors and Limoges connoisuerres, and has over 10,000 Limoges porcelain box figurines in stock to offer you the best price, highest quality, and attentive delivery possible. 

All of our fine Limoges boxes are hand-crafted and hand-painted by French master craftsman in the Limoges region of France. Each and every one ofTrinket Boxes from France our Limoges porcelain boxes has the signature of the manufacturing artiste and includes the official French phrase "Peint Main" (hand-painted) as well as "Limoges, France" , which guarantees the source region of creation. Limoges Boutique is proud to be the Select Authorized Dealer and distributor for the prestigious Rochard Limoges Collection of Limoges Boxes as well as the exquisite Artoria Limoges Collection.

 The name Rochard Limoges is synonymous with luxury! Limoges Boutique offers an wide-ranging selection of the premier quality Rochard Limoges boxes and the popular Artoria Limoges also. These collections are fashioned by French skilled artisans from the Limousine region in France. Every Limoges Boutique trinket box is custom-made and entirely hand-crafted and hand-painted with exquisite detailing by respected French artists.

We also offer a large selection of Rare and Retired Limoges boxes which will make each an special purchase. Many of our Limoges boxes feature detailed paintings inside or come with a tiny accessory piece that greatly adds to the charm of the Limoges box. Limoges Boutique is the optimal choice for collectors and Limoges enthusiasts! Limoges boxes today are made with the same exquisite craftsmanship and follows the same tradition of French artistry as in the 1700s   Painting on porcelain is truly an art form which  has follow a Tradition of French artistry. 

Porcelain Limoges Figurines Boxes

We are pleased to offer only the very best and highest quality Limoges boxes hand-crafted by the most skilled and brilliant artists. The exquisite Limoges Boutique boxes are created by French artisans and craftsmen whose artistry equals the Limoges masterpieces featured in French palaces that Royalties all over the World have acumulated in their Limoges Keepsake collection; thus these collectibles have become the symbol of the highest merit and style

Mira Limoges

Limoges Boxes are your symbol of love passion and happiness

The Famous little hinged boxes will go along with the events of your life in such a positive way! The Perfect Elegant Wedding will be remembered by just looking at your Limoges. Today Limoges Boutique carries an incredible selection of intricate Porcelain Limoges Boxes Limited Edition Numbered for every moment for you to express your feelings! From a first romantic date on Valentine's Day, to the most emotional day of your Life when he proposed on his knee, with a diamond ring hide in a Limoges with the message "Will You Marry Me ?" and you said "Yes, I will !"

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